Welcome to the Political Violence FieldLab at Yale University

Founded in September 2014, the FieldLab is devoted to the study of political violence and its effects on civilians and combatants in wartime settings. Directed by Jason Lyall, the FieldLab draws on multiple techniques—including field, lab, survey, and natural experiments as well as archival research and event data—to identify how political violence shapes wartime atittudes and behaviors. We are particularly interested in whether the effects of political violence on civilians can be reduced or mitigated via the provision of humanitarian and economic assistance.

As a whole, our research agenda is guided by twin beliefs in the value of basic research on these topics and the importance of applied research that generates policy-relevant insights. As a result, our undergraduate and graduate Associates are drawn from different disciplines, including Political Science, History, Economics, and Psychology.

The FieldLab and its activities are supported by Yale’s MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, AidData, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the United States Institute for Peace. We are also affiliated with Yale’s Conflict, Resilience, and Health Program. 

We are located on the 3rd floor of Henry R. Luce Hall (map). You can also follow us on Twitter (@pvfieldlab). All new experiments will be pre-registered here. We are committed to transparent and replicable social science: all codebooks, data, and protocols will be posted on this site (and mirrored here) under their respective project pages.

To enquire about employment or other opportunities, please contact the FieldLab’s interim Program Manager, Prakhar Sharma.

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